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The map was found by an employee of the prefecture in a sweepings basket.
Semanario Oriente Boliviano.(City of Monteros, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia/12 of April of 2008)
A map crosses the World, through blog and e-mails, bringing about restlessness in the South American embassies. Found in the basket of wastes of the office of Rubén Costas, prefect of Santa Cruz, in last March, by an employee of the prefecture of Santa Cruz de Santa Cruz de la Sierra that he preferred to maintain his name for labor reasons privily.
The map, shows in red color what camba would be the territory tried by nation (that includes geographic spaces of 5 South American countries: Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) and with a significant “X” which would be the head of this new geopolitical space: the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Towards the North, a blue space glimpses that includes South half of Ecuador, parts of the Colombian Amazonia, the Peruvian Amazonia and the Peruvian province of Tumbez. The letter “g” that accompanies blue space, makes suppose that it is related to the autonomic movement of the city of Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Between Venezuela and Colombia, a painted black space, surrounds to the Lake of Maracaibo, with a letter “m”.
Towards the Southeast of the red territory “camba”, are spaces painted of green: half of Paraguay, the Paraguayan ex--territory (now Brazilian) of Ponta-Porá, the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones of Argentina.
Finally, a great blue spot includes the three more austral states of Brazil: Parana, Santa Catherine and Rio Grande del Sur. A letter “g” accompanies space. Gauchos?
The editors of the Semanario Oriente Boliviano communicated by telephone with the deprived secretariat of the Prefecture, where they denied that map has left those you celebrate.
“We nothing have to do with that. To that they have left it here map, so that he finds somebody it and they involve to us in things that nothing we have to do”. he said a nervous feminine voice.
The certain thing is that in Brazilian, venezonalos, Argentine and Ecuadorian circles diplomatic, the copy of the map comments and worries. The Brazilian army would have mobilized inspectors towards the border with Bolivia, to verify the entrance to Matto Grosso of militants camba nation.
A captain of the Paraguayan army, that asked not to be named, said to “Oriente Boliviano”: “We did not underestimate anything, can be a stupidity or no. Is necessary to verify. I believe that in the autonomous movement cruceño are many mixed things, and is difficult to know where the fantasy begins and where the sicopaty. Equal we are going to be kind, because the great evils began for being small

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